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- Selasa, 21 September 2021 | 19:38 WIB
UI terbaru Mobile Legend
UI terbaru Mobile Legend

HALUANRIAU.CO, ESPORTS - Mobile Legend Resmi mengubah tampilan UI nya pada update Patch Note 1.6.18 kali ini menampilkah tampilan yang lebih fresh dan lebih 3D dan tidak burik lagi.

Updatetan kali ini juga memperbaharui dan menyesuaikan kemampuan hero serta efek dalam battlefield.

Pada tanggal 22 September nanti, akan dirilis hero baru Floryn dimana hero ini full bertipe support.

Lebih lanjut, Moonton juga menyesuaikan kemampuan dari empat hero yakni, Lancelot, Odette, Hayabusa, dan Kagura.

Berikut beberapa point-point penyesuaian hero pada patch kali ini.

Kagura (Buffed)


    Second Attack Magic Power Bonus (Without Seimei Umbrella): 130% → 145%

A pretty good buff for Kagura which will be quite useful when she has her first skill on cooldown. The damage boost will continue melting the enemy until her skill is ready to use again.
Aulus (Buffed)


Physical Attack Per Stack: 9 → 3-9 (scales with Ultimate level)

Physical Penetration Per Stack: 3 → 1-4 (scales with Ultimate level)

Skill 1

New Effect: Removes slow effects upon cast.

Skill 2

    Enhanced Basic Attacks for Each Non-Minion Enemy Hit: 2 → 3
    Enhanced Basic Attack for Each Enemy Minion Hit: 0 → 1
    Enhanced Basic Attack When No Enemy Is Hit: 1 → 0
    Enhanced Basic Attack's Duration: 5s → 3s
    Base HP Regen: 35 → 15
    Base Damage: 250-650 → 200-600
    Foreswing time slightly reduced.

If you have tried Jungler Aulus, you're probably aware of the damage that kicks in after obtaining certain items. His speed up skills are now more enhanced but slightly nerfed during the early game.

Mathilda (Nerfed)

Skill 1

    Subsequent Attack's Damage: 35% → 30%


    Wisp's Magic Power Bonus: 12.5% → 15%
    Impact's Magic Power Bonus: 80% →120%

Mathilda might slightly struggle when she is solo laning as her AD took a hit. On the other hand, her Ultimate’s power bonuses are buffed, which will allow her to gank enemy confidently.
Fanny (Adjusted)

Skill 1

    Fixed the bug where S1 consumes more energy than usual.

In the last patch update, Fanny users had a difficult time as her first skill consumed an insane amount of energy, making her a bad pick if the enemy had potential invaders.

Skill 2

    Cooldown: 8s → 10-7s
    Mana Cost: 90-80 → 120-80

This is a big deal for the Lancelot users due to the increased CD and mana cost, making Lancelot rely on the Blue Buff. It might result in low pick rates as offlane Lancelot might not work anymore.
New Skins

    Miya - Moon Priestess - The 5th Anniversary Skin (September 27th)
    Paquito 'Underground Boxer" - (September 27th)
    Ruby "Pirate Parrot" - October Starlight Skin (October 1st)
    Valir "Infernal Blaze" - Magic Wheel (October 16th)
    Alpha "Sea Gladiator"
    Rafaela "Biomedic"

Along with these, heroes, Hayabusa, Kagura, Lancelot, and Odette and their respective skins will be available shortly.

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Fragment Shop Adjustments
Note that, the adjustments will take on September 22nd (Server Time)

Premium Skin Fragment Shop Available

    Karrie "Bladed Mantis"
    Eudora "Christmas Carnival"

Rare Skin Fragment Shop Available

    Moskov "Snake Eye Commander",
    Aurora "Heartbreak Empress",
    Martis "Searing Maw",
    Terizla "Abyss Guard",
    Freya "Gladiator"
    Will be unavailable:
    Angela "Shanghai Maiden",
    Gusion "Cyber Ops",
    Harley "Royal Magister",
    Lancelot "Masked Knight",
    Thamuz "Liquid Fire"

Hero Fragment Shop Available




Free Heroes rotation-
From September 17th to 24th

Baxia, Cyclops, Alpha, Helcurt, Terizla, Johnson, Thamuz, Fanny

Starlight Member Heroes: Selena, Barats, Lesley, Benedetta, Uranus, Franco


Editor: Bilhaqi Amjada A'araf


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