The European Union Threatens the Sustainability of CPO Exports, Moeldoko: They Still Need Palm Oil Indonesia

- Selasa, 9 November 2021 | 17:58 WIB
ilustrasi buah kelapa sawit. (Pixabay/tristantan)
ilustrasi buah kelapa sawit. (Pixabay/tristantan)

HALUANRIAU.CO, ECONOMIC - Indonesia's palm oil exports to Europe in 2020 experienced a 26 percent increase.

This was revealed by the Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko said. According to him, palm oil is the raw material for biofuel.

Quoted from Indozone, Moeldoko said that currently the European Union has implemented high and strict standards in buying products from other countries, not only for palm oil, but also for other commodities.

"One of the standards used is whether the product or commodity has an impact on environmental damage or not. Well, this must be a concern for all, including oil palm farmers," said Moeldoko, Monday (8/11).

On a different occasion, the European Union Ambassador Vincent Piket said that the European Union countries have ambitions to become a climate neutral continent by 2050, and can reduce carbon emissions by 55 percent by 2039.

"There are changes in regulations that are predicted to tighten, or even prohibit the entry of products that are not environmentally friendly to Europe. Therefore, Indonesia produces commodities exported to Europe more sustainably," said Vincent.

Responding to the regulation, Apkasindo Chairman Gulat Manurung stated that oil palm farmers in Indonesia have prioritized sustainability, both from an economic, ecological and social perspective.

"As many as 42 percent of farmers in 22 provinces in Indonesia must be sustainable in managing palm oil in accordance with the existing rules in the Job Creation Law," said Gulat.

As is known, the European Union Commission has threatened the sustainability of Indonesia's crude palm oil (CPO) exports to Europe through the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) regulation issued in 2018.

This policy requires European Union countries to use RED II at least 32 percent of their country's total energy consumption. Not only that, the policy also excludes and even releases palm oil as a raw material for biofuel production.


Editor: Bilhaqi Amjada A'araf



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